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Dear Business Owners:

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Rave.Pk. This is a first of its kind “two-way” urban guide and business review website in Pakistan where customers can interact with businesses. Rave.Pk is a platform that allows business owners to interact and listen to their customers on a neutral playing field.

In today’s day and age of hyper connectivity businesses need to have there ear to the ground continuously. Rave.Pk gives you a single platform where customers can interact with businesses; engage in conversation with patrons and business owners alike.

Rave.Pk also gives businesses virality in cyber space with a dedicated business page that customers can easily find through Rave.Pk’s custom search and discovery platform. To date there is no such platform serving the Pakistani market.

As part of our launch we are offering complimentary business pages that can be updated by business owners, inclusive of page-by-page analytics, and social media promotion of deals on Rave.Pk channels.

You can contact us with any questions or to learn more about our business packages by email: or phone: (0300) 268-9071. Or go right ahead and add your business listing by clicking here.




Abdulrahman Rafiq



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Rave.Pk is an online "urban guide" and business review website. A first of its kind in Pakistan where citizens have the power to be judge and jury on what's "hot" in their city. Rave, Rate, Review and if need be Rant about places and events around town.

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