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Rave twitterWe are finally here. Rave.Pk is Pakistan’s first “two-way” online urban guide and business review website. Here denizens can for the first time dictate how businesses operate while sharing what they perceive as the “hottest” raves around town. Gone are the days of the “one-way” information push websites.

A city is about communities and how people interact with each other. Businesses are made up of people. Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner user generated Raves, Reviews, and Rants are critical in how one engages with the community.

Here consumers get to easily search for a business listed on Rave.Pk, write reviews, interact with other consumers while communicating their opinions to business owners. In turn the business owner has access to both consumer generated reviews and rating, in addition to a central web presence that provides real-time analytics on how their consumers interact with their business page.

The idea of Rave.Pk emerged out of a need our founder Abdulrahman Rafiq had observed over the years during his annual visits back to the homeland.

As a consumer and denizen of your local community we encourage you to dive in by contributing reviews of places you’ve visited. Be honest tell  your fellow denizens what you think.

As for businesses this is an opportunity for you to hear from you customers, let them tell you about their experiences which in turn will benefit you.

If you are a business owner you can learn more on how to set up a business page by emailing or calling us at (0300) 268-9071 between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday through Saturday, or simply visit and ADD A FREE LISTING.


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Rave.Pk is an online "urban guide" and business review website. A first of its kind in Pakistan where citizens have the power to be judge and jury on what's "hot" in their city. Rave, Rate, Review and if need be Rant about places and events around town.

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