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Top 3 Most Raved About Day Cares in Karachi

Over the past decade, women in Pakistan have become players in the professional world, almost at par with their male counterparts. In order to facilitate them, a number of Day Care centres have sprung up across the country which allow these working women to fulfil their ambitions without being tied down by their maternal responsibilities. Following are the Top-3 most Raved about Day Care facilities in Karachi. We invite our friends and community members to recommend or submit other Day Cares by simply clicking on ADD LISTING and then select the “Community Activist” free package:

Tiny Hands N Feed Day Care

Tine Hands N Feed Day Care is located in the upscale Clifton area of Karachi and owned and operated by three women, along with a trained staff and on-site nurse. The owners have educational backgrounds in psychology, linguistics and teaching which, according to Director Rahmat Latif, gives the Day Care a “thorough understanding of the children’s needs, attitudes and behaviours.”

The main aim behind Tiny Hands is to assist mothers in having a better, happier life by allowing them to pursue their careers or just follow their interests. Raeda Latif, one of the founding members, came up with the idea during her time working in the financial sector where she noticed that the Human Resources department at her company would often forgo some suitable candidates because they were women with or about to have children. “I saw that they would weigh a female candidate’s suitability according to how long she would be able to work after her marriage and baby,” reveals Raeda. “I came across many women who truly wanted to work but quit because of these domestic responsibilities and so we lost several high potential workers. This is what encouraged me to start Tiny Hands,” she adds.  Click to read more

PurplePink Day Care & Montessori

Purple Pink Day Care Centre aim is to create a comfortable atmosphere with enough structure to provide a feeling of security for each child. It is hoped that the environment will encourage the child to experience all they have to offer including Art, Science, Literature, Music, Fine / Gross Motor Social Development and much more. Click to read more

Childcare Playhouse

PlayHouse Childcare is a unique Care Centre for children between the ages of 2 to 8 year old. We are not only a Day Care but we are open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm in the night!

PlayHouse Childcare is part of ActOne group. ActOne has been a trusted name for the last 5 years in the area of Arts and Wellness. The largest and Oldest Centre for Arts and Wellness having crossed more then 5000 students to date we have delivered workshops at the CAS, Bayview, Neemtree School of Music, Indus Valley, PACC, Alliance Francaise and more.

The Directress of PlayHouse Childcare is trained professional, with hands on working experience with children. She understands the need of both children and parents. She brings with her experience to the job as well as knowledge of what it takes to keep your child happy! Click to read more

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